Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

All prices stated are liable to change without prior notice. All images contained in this publication are for illustration purposes only. All goods remain the property of Bridge Fencing until fully paid for. Any items that have been machined or specially produced by Bridge Fencing are non-refundable.


All deliveries are to the immediate front or roadside of the property. Any shortages or damaged goods must be reported within 48 hours of receipt.


Returned goods are subject to the following conditions. Goods will only be accepted if they are accompanied by the original proof of purchase and are still in the original condition that they left the yard. Goods may only be returned if purchased no more than 7 days previously. Some  items are  made bespoke  therfore non refundable

Characteristics of Tanalised Timber

All Timber Panels have been pressure treated and should not be treated with any additional treatments within the first 12 months of purchase

Timber that has been pressure treated will inevitably shrink as the water used in the pressure treatment process evaporates from the wood. Wood is a natural material and as such it is not evenly porous, this means that all areas of an item may not dry at the same rate. This uneven drying creates pressure inside the wood which occasionally causes it to split, twist or warp when it is exposed to sunlight or air. It is unusual for any of these weathering characteristics to be detrimental to the strength of the structure or to the life span of the timber.